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Monday, July 9, 2012

Beans + carrot thoran

Beans + carrot thoran

Ingredients :-

• Beans - a bunch

 • Carrot - 2

• Grated coconut - 2 table spoon to 1/4 cup

 • Shallots - 3-4 or half of a large onion

 • Garlic - 2 cloves

 • Green chili chopped - 2

 • Dried red chili - 1 or 2

 • Mustard seeds - 1/4 tsp

 • Curry leaves - few

 • Salt to taste

 Preparation :-

 1.  Clean and chop the beans and carrot.

 2.  Crush onion, garlic and green chilli.

 3.  Add coconut to it and mix well with your hands or grind it for 1 minute.

 4.  Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds.When it pop up , add dried red chile and curry leaves.

 5.  Add chopped beans ,carrot, salt and mix well.

 6. Sprinkle  some water, keep everything to the center and cook it covered for 4-5 minutes or till it is dry and the beans & carrots cooked.

 7. Add coconut mixture and saute well for a couple of minutes or untill it is dry.

Serve warm with plain rice.


  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Pretty soon I'm going to be picking beans from my garden and need new recipes for cooking with them :)

  2. Thron looks colorful and delicious....

  3. like the combo.. nutrition packed thoran..

  4. Very healthy and delicious recipe dear..looks similar to Palya which we prepare..


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  5. very colorful recipe....I do this very often :)

  6. nice combination..very colourful

  7. This looks so healthy! I'm trying to make my recipes healthier, maybe I'll try this out!

  8. Thanks a lot for dropping by at my space..glad to find ur space.. I make this combiantion a lot,had it today too..
    glad to follow u too :)

  9. lovely combo...thoran sounds delicious,i just love it with curd rice...
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  10. Scrumpious thoran. Good combination.

  11. very tasty and healthy thoran.. perfect with curd rice...

  12. Its fabulous!! I like your recipe. I like to share you about South Indian Food Recipes. For more details visit


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