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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Ingredients for pie crust:-

•  All purpose flour - 2 1/2 cup

•  Butter ( unsalted)  - 1/2 cup

•  Sugar - 1 tsp

•  Salt - 1 tsp

•  Cold water - 1/4  to 1/2 cup

Preparation of Pie Crust:-

1. In a bowl add flour, sugar and salt and mix well.

2. Add butter and mix throughly until the flour turns grainy.

3. Slowly add little amount of water and mix until you can form the dough by pressing it between your fingers.

4. Split the dough into 2 equal pieces and refrigerate for atleast 4 hours.

Ingredients for filling

 •  Apple -3 ( peeled and cubed )

 •  All purpose flour - 4 tbsp

•  Sweetened coconut - 1/4 cup

•  Cinnamon powder - 1 tbsp

•  Ginger powder -  1/2 tsp

•  Butter - 1/4 cup

•  Sugar - 2 tbsp

•  Lemon juice - 1/2 a lemon

Preparation of Filling:- 
1. In a bowl put the cubed apples, flour, coconut, cinnamon powder, ginger powder and sugar.

2. Mix them throughly, add lemon juice and mix them again. Set it aside.

Preparation of Apple Pie:-

 1. Take one part of the dough and roll it to the the size of the pie plate (9 inch).

 2. Lightly grease the pie plate with butter and place the crust,on the pie plate.

 3. Press the dough evenly to fit the pie plate's side and bottom.

 4. Pour the pie filling onto the crust (make sure you will bake the pie immediately after pouring the filling, else the bottom will become soggy).

 5. Spread the butter on top of the filling, evenly.

 6. Take the other half of the dough and roll it to the size that can cover the pie plate.

 7. Slightly apply water using a brush on the sides of both the crust to glue them.

 8. Place the pie crust on top of the filling. Gently press the sides, to join both the crust.

 9. Cut vents on the top crust for the steam to escape.

10. Using brush coat a layer of milk to get the golden color crust.

11 .Place the pie in the pre-heated oven (425 F) and cook for 30 mins.

12.Remove the pie and coat another layer of milk and bake it in 300 F for 10 mins or until the apple becomes soft. This can be found by inserting a knife between the vents cut on the top crust.

Apple pie is ready, allow it to cool for sometime. Apple pie tastes better when served warm. :)

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